Loteli is the creation of Nathalie De Clercq and Laura O’Loughlin. Friends since university, they spent their post-college summers meeting up in some of the world’s most beautiful destinations including Italy, Portugal and Australia. When Laura relocated to New York from Sydney they began working together in Nathalie’s field of expertise, product sourcing. After working as sourcing consultants for clients in the US, they decided to try their hand at creating some items they felt were missing in their own lives.

Their ‘Jetsetter’ multi-use travel cases came about after a conversation about how frustrating it can be to pack cosmetics for traveling. After much trial and error they agreed on simple, clear cases as the best solution for frequent travelers and went about refining the designs. Then, after a week at the beach in Sardinia, Italy, they started thinking about new ideas for pool floats that would have all their friends out on the water and floating together.  As 'children of the 80s', they fell in love with the idea of cassette tapes as floats and with that the concept of the 'Classic Cassette' was born. 

To Nathalie and Laura, the Loteli lifestyle is one filled with friends, travel, fun and never-ending summers. They hope you enjoy their products as much as they love creating them.